This article offers a list of pieces suitable for particular services.

  • V-Sib and V-pdf are vocal files. K-Sib and K-pdf are keyboard files.
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  • Midi files and Soprano-led versions may be found on the Complete Scores page.
  • An asterisked *T* in Voices indicates that the tenor has the air or leading part.
  • Settings marked with an asterisk in the Cat. # number are metrical.
  • Further abbreviations can be found at the end of this article.

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Pieces are graded to show level of difficulty, as follows:

  1. suitable for congregations;
  2. suitable for enterprising congregations and choirs of moderate ability;
  3. suitable for choirs.



RM #TitleComposerTextVoicesV-sibV-pdfK-sibK-pdfGrade
RM117Glory be to God on highAnon.BCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM232Glory be to God on highFrancis RoadsBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM113*To God be glory, peace on earthAnon.NVSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM115Holy, holy, holyJohn BishopBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM336Holy, holy, holy Lord GodWilliam KnappAnon.SATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM76Be thou my judge, O LordWilliam KnappBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM83I’ll wash my hands in innocency, O LordSamuel ChappleBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM40*Jesu, we thus obeyJames LeachCWSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM341*Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessFrancis RoadsJMoSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM112*‘Twas on that dark, that doleful nightAnon.IWSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM97*Judge me, O Lord (Ps 26)Anon.NVSATBsibpdfsibpdf1

Morning Service

Cat. #TitleComposerTextVoicesV-sibV-pdfK-sibK-pdfGrade
RM255*Awake, my soul, and with the sunAnon.TKSABsibpdfsibpdf3
RM290*God of the morning! at whose voiceJohn FawcettIWSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM8My voice shalt thou hear in the morningAnon. (19th Cent.)BCPSABsibpdfsibpdf3
Matins canticles:
Venite; Psalm 95
RM231O come, let us sing unto the LordFrancis RoadsBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM366O come, let us lift up our voiceJohn BishopP95 JHSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM141*O come, loud anthems let us singPhocion HenleyNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM295*O come, loud anthems let us singWilliam KnappP95 NVSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM6*Sing to the Lord Jehovah's nameThomas ClarkP95 IWSATBBsibpdfsibpdf3
Te Deum
RM310*O God, we praise thee, and confessGiovanni GiornovichiNWSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM391*O God we praise thee, and we ownJohn BishopJPSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM248We praise thee O GodJoseph KeyBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM229We praise thee, O GodFrancis RoadsBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
Benedicite (alternative to Te Deum)
RM156*Ye works of God, on him alonePhocion HenleyJmeSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM293Blessed be the Lord God of IsraelKathryn RoseBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
Jubilate Deo; Psalm 100 (alternative to Benedictus)
RM395*All people that on earth do dwellJohn BishopP100 WKSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM368*All people that on earth do dwellJohn BishopP100 WKSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM143*Joyful, all ye nations singPhocion HenleyP100 WDSATTBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM249O be joyful in the Lord, all ye landsJoseph KeyBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM230O be joyful in the Lord, all ye landsFrancis RoadsBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3

Evening Service

Cat. #TitleComposerTextVoicesV-sibV-pdfK-sibK-pdfGrade
RM291*Glory to thee, my God, this nightG. KnowlesTKSATBsibpdfsibpdf2
RM292*Thus far the Lord hath led me onJohn HattonIWSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
Evensong canticles:
RM48My soul doth magnify the LordRobert BarberBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM51My soul doth magnify the LordUriah DavenportBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM50My soul doth magnify the LordJoseph KeyBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM49My soul doth magnify the LordFrancis RoadsBCPSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM14*My soul and spirit, filled with joyJohn BishopNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM42*My soul and spirit, filled with joyThomas ClarkNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM43*My soul and spirit, filled with joyWilliam HayesNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf1
RM7*My soul and spirit, filled with joyWilliam MarshNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf3
RM44*My soul and spirit, filled with joyZerubbabel WyvillNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf2

The Lord’s Prayer

Cat. #TitleComposerTextVoicesV-sibV-pdfK-sibK-pdfGrade
RM116*Our Father, who in heaven artThomas ClarkNVSATBsibpdfsibpdf1



Anon. Anonymous
BCP Book of Common Prayer
IW Isaac Watts
JMe James Merrick
JMo James Montgomery
JP John Patrick
NV New Version of the Metrical Psalms by Tate and Brady (1696)
TK Thomas Ken
WD William Dodd
SATB Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass