Underlaying the text in the strophic settings can cause problems to those unused to West Gallery settings, especially where there are repeated or omitted lines, or sections of lines of text. Whenever some verses are not underlaid, Roding Music uses a system of circled numbers and other symbols to indicate how the underlay is to be carried out. This is more than was available to singers in the West Gallery period, who often had to work out the underlay with little to guide them.

But modern singers would usually prefer to have all the text underlaid. This has been done with many of the settings. However, underlaying many verses spreads out the stave lines. Where this will spread the vocal score over more than two pages, the resulting page turn can be more trouble than it is worth, especially for any instrumentalists. Therefore the keyboard versions of the editions usually have only one or two verses underlaid, while the vocal versions have as many as possible.