The keyboard accompaniments which appear on all the files marked KS or Kpdf are straight transcriptions of the vocal or instrumental lines. Usually the right hand plays soprano and alto, and the left hand tenor and bass. Where this causes impossible stretches, notes are transferred to the other hand, or an octave alternative provided. In this case the original note appears in square brackets [ ]. This is contrary to editing practice elsewhere, where it is the editorial note which so appears. No attempt is made to add additional harmony where the texture thins to two voices or a single voice.

In the West Gallery period, most churches had no keyboard instrument. In such churches music was sung either unaccompanied or accompanied by one or more string or wind instruments. But where keyboard instruments were available, in church or elsewhere, they are known to have been used. In many printed sources there are figured basses, or additional small harmony notes in the later sources. For further remarks, see Interpreting West Gallery music.