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This list is separate from the main Roding Music list. Pieces have been chosen which lend themselves to unison rendition. Of necessity they are mostly in the simple style known as Plain Tunes. In many cases they have been transposed down, as the original voice part would have been for soprano or tenor rather than for mixed voices. So these versions should not be used in conjunction with the three or four part versions listed elsewhere. The keyboard accompaniments are straight transcriptions of the original vocal parts.

Click on S to view and hear the music from a Sibelius Scorch file. You can if you wish transpose the file up or down into a new key; click on the B flat key signature on the tool bar and follow the on-screen instructions. All Roding Music Scorch files may be downloaded and/or printed out and freely copied for amateur use. Click on the floppy disc icon or the printer icon on the toolbar.

If you are new to Sibelius Scorch or have any trouble with these files please look at the relevant page of Questions and Answers for more information. Click on pdf for a printable pdf file.

Further abbreviations are listed below.

Cat. #   Title   Composer   Text  
Harvest hymns
RM283The last full wain has come Joseph HaydnJB S pdf
RM284This is the field, the world below Thomas ClarkJH S pdf
RM277Were we to search the world aroundAnon. Anon. S pdf

Advent hymns
RM276Hark the glad sound! The Saviour comesAnon. PD S pdf
RM177How beauteous are their feetH. E. IW S pdf

Christmas Carols
RM163A Virgin most pure as the prophets did tellAnon. Anon. S pdf
RM052A Virgin unspotted the prophets foretoldattrib. William Knapp Anon. S pdf
RM004Lo! unto us a child is bornAnon. Anon. S pdf
RM193Shepherds keeping watch by nightAnon. Anon. S pdf
RM103This is the truth sent from aboveAnon. Anon. S pdf

Epiphany carols
RM98All hail the star in Judah's skyAnon. WI S pdf
RM104 What star is this, with beams so bright?John Moreton CC S pdf

Ash Wednesday psalms
RM146From lowest depths of woe (Ps 130)Phocion Henley NV S pdf
RM299When I pour out my soul in prayer (Ps 102)Thomas White NV S pdf

Good Friday hymn and psalm
RM256All ye that pass by Benjamin MilgroveSH S pdf
RM144I waited meekly for the Lord (Ps 40)Phocion Henley NV S pdf

Easter hymns
RM32Here's love and grief beyond degreeUriah Davenport IW S pdf
RM207Since Christ our Passover is slainAnon. NV S pdf

Ascensiontide psalm (metrical)
RM296O for a shout of sacred joy (Ps 47)G. Titlar NV S pdf

Whitsun hymns
RM297Come Holy Ghost; Creator, comeLord Mornington NV S pdf
RM18Come, Holy Spirit, raise our songsJames Leach JW S pdf

Trinity Sunday hymn
RM012O King of kings, before whose throneThomas Jarman JQ S pdf

General hymns
RM28Being of beings, God of loveB. Clifford CW S pdf
RM311Come, ye that love the Lord Isaac Smith IW S pdf
RM280O Britain, praise thy mighty GodAnon. IW S pdf
RM95O for a thousand tongues to singAnon.CW S pdf
RM279Salvation! O the joyful soundAnon. IW S pdf
RM5Rejoice, the Lord is King!Charles Wesley jun. CW S pdf
RM271See the leaves around us falling John BroderipGH S pdf

Communion hymn
RM112'Twas on that dark, that doleful nightAnon. IW S pdf

Anti-slavery hymn
RM063Where'er the sun doth rise or setWilliam Tans'ur JR S pdf

Psalms (metrical)
RM213My shepherd will supply my needs (Ps 23)Samuel Grigg IW S pdf
RM306Ye princes that in might excel (Ps 29) Joseph StephensonNV S pdf
RM272The God of glory sends his summons forth (Ps 50) Joseph StephensonIW S pdf
RM278O God, my gracious God, to thee (Ps 63) Anon.NV S pdf
RM312O render thanks to God above (Ps 106) Thomas ShoelNV S pdf

Matins Canticles (metrical)
RM141O come, loud anthems let us singPhocion Henley Venite NV S pdf
RM310O God, we praise thee, and confessGiovanni Giornovichi Te Deum NV S pdf
RM143Joyful all ye nations risePhocion Henley Jubilate NV S pdf

Evensong Canticles (metrical)
RM014My soul and spirit, filled with joyJohn Bishop Magnificat NV S pdf
RM001Lord let thy servant now departAnon. Nunc Dimittis NV S pdf
Jacob Brettell (1798-1862)


Anon. Anonymous
CCCharles Coffin (1676-1749)
GHGeorge Horne (1730-92)
IWIsaac Watts (1674-1748)
JB Jacob Brettell (1798-1862)
JHJoseph Hinchsliffe (1760-1807)
JRJohn Rippon (1751-1836)
JQJohn Quarles (1624-65)
NVNew Version of the Metrical Psalms by Tate and Brady (1696)
PD Philip Doddridge (1702-51)
SHSally Hastings (1707-1791)
WIWilliam Irons (1812-1883)