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How can I obtain transposed music for clarinets, etc.?

Bring up the Scorch file for the music that you want. On the tool bar at the top there is a B flat key signature. Click on this and follow the on screen instructions. A dialogue box will appear. Click on the button for transposing up or down; then click on central the drop down menu and choose the number of semitones (up or down) that you want to tranpose the music. You should then have a part which you can download or print.

For example, for a B flat part for clarinet, trumpet, cornet etc. you would click on the "up" button, and then choose to transpose by two semitones. For an E flat instrument, such as an alto saxophone or tenor horn, it would be nine semitones. For a piece that was (say) a tone too high for your choir, you would select "down" and choose two semitones.

Click here if you have trouble with Scorch files.

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