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22nd West Gallery course for singers and instrumentalists
at Benslow Music Trust, Benslow Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 9RB
from Friday 8th-Sunday 10th March 2019

Benslow Music Trust

This weekend course is for singers and instrumentalists who wished to become familiar with the West Gallery repertoire. It is very suitable for singers wishing to improve their sight-reading and part-holding.

The list below shows some of the the music that is to be sung. These are fairly straightforward pieces, to get us going. If possible we shall move on to more challenging material. Please download the music and practice it if you can. It is all free from copyright for amateur use.

Wind and bowed string instruments are needed to double the vocal lines. The music is not technically difficult, and is suitable for players of about AB Grade 4 or better who would welcome ensemble experience. If you need transposed or recleffed music, please let the course leader know well in advance.

Click on pdf to download the printable file of each piece, on M to download a playable MIDI file, and on S for a Sibelius Scorch file. Scorch files play and show the score at the same time, but only function on certain browsers. Internet Explorer and Slimbrowser are recommended. For more information about Scorch click here.

Any suggestions for particular pieces, composers, or types of music that you would like to see included will be welcome.


Benslow Music Trust
#TitleTextTuneComposer PDFMIDIScorch
3-part pieces
1Praise ye the Lord most high Ps 148 para. S Ford BoltonE. Harwood pdf M S
2 God moves in a mysterious way W. CowperPlymouthI. Tucker pdf M S
3Rejoice the Lord is King C. Wesley sr.Highbury C. Wesley jr. pdf M S
4O praise God in his holiness Ps 150 vv. 1-4, 6[Anthem] J. Weldon pdf M S
5Sing unto the Lord Ps 33 vv. 1-4[Anthem] J. Church pdf M S
6Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks Ps 42 vv. 1-2 [Anthem] W. Croft pdf M S
4-part pieces
7Awake, each heart, rejoice and sing Anon.[Carol] Anon. pdf M S
8 Hark! Hark! what news the angels bring Anon.[Carol] Anon. pdf M S
9Although the fig tree shall not blossom Hab. III vv. 17-18 [Anthem]Anon. pdf M S
10Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless J MontgomeryBenslow Grace F. Roads pdf M S
11I will arise and go to my father Luke XV vv. 18-19, 22, 24[Anthem]Anon. pdf M S
12My song shall be always of the loving kindness of the LordVerses from Ps. 89[Anthem] J. Green pdf M S