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Since Christ our Passover is slain

The setting Auspicious was found in an anonymous MS book in the possession of Tim Henderson, and kindly made available to the editor. It contains 88 tunes, of which all except one are in metres used by the New Version. Over half of them are in the Hymn Tune Index (Oxford, 1998), which means that they were composed before 1820. These two facts, combined with the general idiom of the tunes, suggest a date of around 1840-50, and use in an Anglican church. However, there is a reference to Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee (1887) in the same hand as many of the tunes, so it appears that this book was in use long after Hymns Ancient and Modern (1861) had replaced the gallery style in many churches.

Although the hand is fairly neat, the book contains many copying or other errors, and has been edited heavily.The emendations are too numerous to list. There is no indication of any text. This New Version of the Proper Anthem for Easter Sunday was chosen for an occasion when a lively setting of this text for a particular service was needed.

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