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Lo! unto us a child is born

This carol appears in Carols for Use in Church edited by R. R. Chope, and first published (undated) c1870. It appears in Chope's version in Carols of the West Country edited by Glyn Court (1996). Court has a different version of verse 4, but gives no further information other than the carol's provenance from Chope. Chope himself acknowledges that he has altered the text, but gives no information about the origin of the music except to state that it is Cornish.

This edition is taken from a manuscript book in use at Bierton Strict Baptist Chapel (near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire). It is titled there Greenhead CM, with no accompanying text. There are many obvious errors and missing notes; these have been tacitly emended. Their nature gives the impression of an attempt by an inexperienced musician to construct a score from separate parts. At any rate, the present version is free from some suspiciously Victorian harmonies present in Chope's version. The presence of what is clearly an earlier version in Buckinghamshire casts doubt on the Cornish origin of this carol.

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