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This list is selected from the main Roding Music list. Sample pieces have been chosen to represent the century and a half of the genre's life, and the many musical styles. Detailed remarks about the twelve pieces may be brought up by clicking on each title.

All scores are available with and without keyboard accompaniment. The accompaniments are straight transcriptions of the vocal parts. Scores without the keyboard part often have fewer page turns and more text underlaid, and are therefore more suitable for singers. Those strophic pieces which are tenor-led have alternative soprano-led versions. Scores appear in a new frame; close the frame to return to this page.

Click on S to view and hear the music from a Sibelius Scorch file. You can if you wish transpose the file up or down into a new key; click on the B flat key signature on the tool bar and follow the on-screen instructions. Click on KS for a Scorch file with added keyboard accompaniment. All Roding Music Scorch files may be downloaded and/or printed out and freely copied for amateur use. Click on the floppy disc icon or the printer icon on the toolbar.

If you are new to Sibelius Scorch or have any trouble with these files please look at the relevant page of Questions and Answers for more information.

MIDI files of all pieces are available on the Numerical List.

Click on pdf for a printable pdf file of the vocal music, or Kpdf for the keyboard version.

Further abbreviations are listed below.

Cat. # Title  Composer  Text   Vocal  Keyboard   

RM036Grace, ‘tis a charming sound Thomas Clark PD S pdf KS Kpdf
RM095O for a thousand tongues to singAnon. CW S pdf KS Kpdf
RM112‘Twas on that dark, that doleful nightAnon. IW S pdf KS Kpdf

Metrical Psalms
RM216Let all the just to God with joyFrancis RoadsP33 NV S pdf KS Kpdf
RM026 Through all the changing scenes of lifeJoseph Stephenson P34 NV S pdf KS Kpdf

Metrical canticles
RM007My soul and spirit, filled with joyWilliam Marsh NV S pdf KS Kpdf
RM001Lord let thy servant now departAnon. NV S pdf KS Kpdf
RM207Since Christ our Passover is slainAnon.NV S pdf KS Kpdf

RM034My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LordAnon. P5 BCP S pdf KS Kpdf
RM083I will wash my hands in innocencyattrib. Samuel Chapple P26 BCP S pdf KS Kpdf

RM004Lo! unto us a child is bornAnon. Anon. S pdf KS Kpdf
RM062The holly and the ivyAnon. Trad. S pdf KS Kpdf


BCPBook of Common Prayer
CWCharles Wesley (1707-88)
IW Isaac Watts (1674-1748)
NVNew Version of the Metrical Psalms by Tate and Brady (1696)
PD Philip Doddridge (1702-51)