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Hymns are listed in alphabetical order, and colour coded to show level of difficulty. Green are suitable for congregations; orange are suitable for enterprising congregations and choirs of intermediate attainment; and red are suitable only for choirs. Some hymns might need transposing downwards for congregational use; please see below how to do this.

Click on S to view and hear the music from a Sibelius Scorch file. You can if you wish transpose the file up or down into a new key; click on the B flat key signature on the tool bar and follow the on-screen instructions. Click on KS for a Scorch file with added keyboard accompaniment. All Roding Music Scorch files may be downloaded and/or printed out and freely copied for amateur use. Click on the floppy disc icon or the printer icon on the toolbar.

If you are new to Sibelius Scorch or have any trouble with these files please look at the relevant page of Questions and Answers for more information.

MIDI files of all pieces are available on the Numerical List.

Click on pdf for a printable pdf file of the vocal music, or Kpdf for the keyboard version.

T shows where the tenor has the air or leading part. Soprano-led versions may be found on the Numerical List.

Further abbreviations are listed below.

Cat. #TitleComposerText VoicesVocalKeyboard

RM209Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? Anon.IWSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM245All hail the power of Jesus' name F. FosterEP/JRSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM309All hail the power of Jesu's name G. GriffinEP/JRSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM256All ye that pass by Benjamin MilgroveSHSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM452A song of spring once more we sing Francis RoadsWGSATB SS Spdf KS Kpdf
RM255Awake, my soul, and with the sun Anon.TKSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM264Away, mine unbelieving fear Anon.Anon.SAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM416Behold the glories of the Lamb Anon.IWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM414Behold the mountain of the Lord Anon.MBSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM19Behold the Saviour of mankind James LeachJWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM210Blow ye the trumpet, blowI. P. CWSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM28Being of beings, God of loveB. Clifford CWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM246Children of the heavenly King John FawcettJCSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM297Come Holy Ghost; Creator, come Lord MorningtonNVSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM18Come, Holy Spirit, raise our songsJames Leach JWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM257Come, let us join our cheerful songs Anon.IWSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM311Come, ye that love the Lord Isaac SmithIWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM417Christ the Lord is risen today Anon.LDSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM258Exalted high at God's right hand Anon.RHiSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM453Father, how wide thy glories shine! Francis RoadsIWSATB SS Spdf KS Kpdf
RM291*Glory to thee, my God, this night G. KnowlesTKSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM454Glory to God that walks the sky Francis RoadsIWSATB TS Tpdf KS Kpdf
RM420God save our gracious Queen Thomas ClarkAnon.SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM36Grace, 'tis a charming soundThomas Clark PDSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM259Great Monarch of the world William KnappCSSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM158 God of my life, whom tender carePhocion Henley JMSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM290God of the morning! at whose voice John FawcettIWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM276Hark the glad sound! The Saviour comes Anon.PDSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM32Here's love and grief beyond degreeUriah Davenport JWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM22Hosanna to the royal SonThomas Clark IWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM260House of our God, with cheerful anthems ring James PeckPDSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM92Immortal love, for ever fullJeremiah Clark JGWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM224In the hour of my distress Francis RoadsRHeSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM40Jesu, we thus obeyJames Leach CWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM287Lo! he comes with clouds descending Thomas ClarkCWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM267My God, and is thy table spread Anon.PDSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM25O for a heart to praise my GodWilliam Jones CWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM27O for a thousand tongues to sing Thomas JarmanCWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM95O for a thousand tongues to singAnon.CW SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM12O King of kings, before whose throneThomas Jarman JQSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM29O thou who camest from aboveWilliam Knapp CWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM24Put thou thy trust in GodSamuel Wesley sr CWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM206 Rejoice and be glad! he lives who was slainBenjamin Milgrove Anon.SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM5Rejoice, the Lord is King!Charles Wesley jun. CWSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM270Rejoice, the Lord is King! Ralph HarrisonCWSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM279Salvation! O the joyful sound Anon.IWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM405Salvation! O the joyful sound Anon.IWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM271See the leaves around us falling John BroderipGHSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM341Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless Francis RoadsJMSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM207Since Christ our Passover is slain Anon.NVSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM225Since our good friend is gone to rest Francis RoadsAnon.SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM390Since that our friend's prepared to restJohn Bishop Anon.SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM404Sweet is the work, my God, my King Edward HarwoodIWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM288The advent of our God Aaron WilliamsPDSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM283The last full wain has come Joseph HaydnJBSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM247Th'eternal God in thunder speaks Timothy WoodheadTJSAB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM284This is the field, the world below Thomas ClarkJHSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM223Thou framer of the light and darkRichard Allison JKSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM292Thus far the Lord hath led me on John HattonIWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM112 'Twas on that dark, that doleful nightAnon. IWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM277 Were we to search the world around Anon.Anon.SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM152When all thy mercies, O my GodPhocion Henley JASATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM159When rising from the bed of death Phocion Henley JMSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM63Where'er the sun doth rise or setWilliam Tans'ur JRSATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM285Ye sons of Britain join Anon.Anon.SATB S pdf KS Kpdf
RM33Young men and maidens, raiseThomas Clark CWSATB S pdf KS Kpdf


Anon. Anonymous
CWCharles Wesley (1707-88)
CS Charles Stuart (1600-1649)
EP Edward Perronet (1726-92)
GHGeorge Horne (1730-92)
IW Isaac Watts (1674-1748)
IWi Isaac Williams (1802-65)
JAJoseph Addison (1672-1719)
JB Jacob Brettell (1798-1862)
JC John Cennick(1718-55)
JGWJohn Greenleaf Whittier (1807-92)
JHJoseph Hinchsliffe (1760-1807)
JKJohn Keble (1792-1866)
JMJames Montgomery (1771-1854)
JQJohn Quarles (1624-65)
JRJohn Rippon (1751-1836)
JWJohn Wesley (1703-91)
LDLyra Davidica (1708)
MBMichael Bruce (1746-78)
PD Philip Doddridge (1702-51)
RHeRobert Herrick (1770-1828)
SHSally Hastings (1707-1791)
RHiRowland Hill (1744-1833)
TJThomas Jervis (1748-1833)
TKThomas Ken (1637-1711)
WGWilliam Howse Groser (18341928)
SATBSoprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
Tshows where the tenor has the air or leading part.